STP Installation

Wastewater treatment plants can be installed on the production site of a factory. Its purpose is to treat water from industrial processes and eliminate the pollution present before reusing it in the form of recycling or discharging it into the natural environment. Any wastewater treatment plant must take stock of the law and comply with the legislation (prefectural decrees, environmental and health regulations, etc.) which are applicable to it in terms of discharge, water quality, standards.

Which treatment system best suits your needs?

The classic water purification process: in a classic wastewater treatment plant, the operation is based on several stages (pre-treatment, primary treatment and secondary treatment).  So  need a quality STP INSTALLATION COMPANIES IN SAUDI ARABIA . The pre-treatment phase allows water filtration to be carried out and can consist of screening, grit removal, sedimentation and degreasing. This phase filters the main waste but does not constitute a complete treatment. Primary treatment is the equivalent of settling (filtration, membranes). The goal of this step is to remove as much organic matter as possible. Secondary treatment ensures ultimate work against organic bacteria contained in wastewater. This processing system may change depending on the source industry’s production line and standards.

The biological treatment system for larger production or treatment of chemical effluents

Biological treatment is a solution to a one-time or long-term increase inflow and to the treatment of chemical-type effluents. Biological treatment responds quickly to your problem and integrates with your existing facilities. It also allows you to save space by avoiding the design of new pools. This technique is inspired by the natural environment. The principle? Use sludge (a mixture of organic matter and soil) that we boost with CO2 so that it absorbs pollution. Then, decantation is necessary in order to separate the treated water and the sludge. It will be carried out in a station or sent for sludge treatment. This water treatment system multiplies the performance of a station.