Boiler Maintenance

Maintenance of the boiler is important because it provides you with security and can cover you in the event of a claim with your home insurance. We will now dwell in more detail on its unfolding.

Examination that the boiler is in high-quality working order

To carry out this interview, you must call in a professional. We advise you to contact a boiler maintenance contractors in Saudi Arabia qualified heating engineer or gas professional. A serious check of your device will guarantee your safety. The technician will start by checking that the boiler is in good working order and that it is leak-tight. It will control the circulator, the pump, the safety devices and the flue gas connection pipe.

Cleaning and checking of components

Secondly, he can clean various components such as the burner, the heating element and the pilot light. Residues and dust can indeed slip on them and affect their performance. The burner is one of the most important components; it will need to be cleaned thoroughly. The professional who look industrial boiler maintenance in Saudi Arabia will also take the opportunity to check that no part is defective. If this is the case, he will be able to offer you their replacement. Knowing that each boiler has its specificities depending on the fuel used, the professional can then make various settings adapted to your appliance.

Boiler performance evaluation

After inspecting the operating condition of the boiler, the technician will set about measuring its performance. It will therefore control the gas flow and the rate of carbon monoxide rejection (the rate is considered abnormal from 10ppm3, and it becomes dangerous from 50ppm3). The technician also assesses the energy performance of the boiler in order to see if it does not pollute too much.

Technician’s advice

Following this check, the technician can give you the advice to improve the use you have of your boiler, to help you save money. A maintained boiler will have five times fewer breakdowns than a neglected boiler and will consume up to 12% less fuel. Finally, he will issue you with a maintenance certificate within 15 days of his intervention, which you must keep in a safe place for two years. It will list the different checkpoints carried out during the visit. It will dish up as proof on the occasion of a problem. As a reminder, the annual maintenance visit is the responsibility of the occupant of the accommodation, whether owner or tenant. Find out more about the cost of the boiler.

Also mandatory: the in-depth diagnosis

For any boiler heating installation with a power greater than 20kW, an in-depth diagnosis must be carried out, more information on this other page of our site.

Caution: carbon monoxide

Carbon monoxide (CO), not to be confused with carbon dioxide (the greenhouse gas, CO2), is a toxic, and colorless gas? And deadly.

It can be produced in boiler rooms when the boiler is running out of air, when the burner is clogged or badly adjusted, when the chimney is blocked, or when the air supply to the room is insufficient. The only way to limit the risk of poisoning is to maintain your boiler regularly.